*Average trip length: 17-18 hours

Thank you for your support of outdoor education! We are eager to share our love of educational travel with you and your student during your upcoming field trip. Please check out the resources below to help answer any questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or call our office at (480) 558-8383.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not allow parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. to drive separately and meet us at the venues due to safety concerns. The first issue is that cars following the bus can be dangerous and really alarms the drivers when they’re transporting a bus load of kids. The second issue is that we do not know each individual family’s legal rights, visitation status, etc., so we have no way of knowing if the parent or other family member that shows up at the venue is legally allowed to see their child. Of course the students will be excited to see them and waive, but we will not allow anyone who is not on the trip as a chaperone to come up to their student or spend time with them at any of the venues for the safety of the students on our field trip.

Yes, we do allow parents to pick up their student early, however we do require you to sign our early release form. You must also get approval from your child’s school prior to the field trip. *Please note, once a student has been signed out from a field trip, they cannot rejoin the trip at a later time. 

Yes, we do accommodate for food allergies and dietary restrictions. We require an allergy/dietary restriction form be turned in 5-weeks prior to all field trips so we can plan the necessary accommodations. If an incomplete form is submitted or no form is submitted, no alternative meals will be planned in advance and participants with food allergies or dietary restrictions will be responsible for providing their own meals. *Please check with your child’s school that they have an updated list of allergies and dietary restrictions so the information shared with us is up to date. 

The alternative meals vary depending on the restaurant. If students or chaperones do not want the alternative meal offered, they are responsible for bringing their own food. Below is a list of alternative meal options for each restaurant. Alternative meal options must be noted on the dietary restrictions/allergies form due 5-weeks prior to your field trip. *All pizza orders include half cheese and half pepperoni pizzas. 

    • Gluten allergy: house salad OR gluten-free pizza **Gluten-free pizzas are cooked in the same oven as the pizzas that do contain gluten, so there is a risk of cross contamination
    • Lactose allergy: house salad OR pepperoni pizza with no cheese
    • Vegetarian: cheese pizza
    • Vegan: house salad
    • It is recommended that those with dietary restrictions and allergies review the Denny’s menu in advance to determine an alternative meal option. 

Yes, we partner with Travelex Insurance Services to provide trip insurance. Purchasing trip insurance is not required, but it is recommended for those visiting a theme park where advanced ticket purchases are required, uncertain if they will be able to attend, or trips with flights included. Please visit our Downloadable Resources section below to view the Travel Basic and Travel Select insurance plans we offer. 

Please verify with your school that payments can be submitted directly to Project Exploration before proceeding. Some school districts (i.e., QCUSD, MPS, COCSD, etc.) require all payments to be made directly to the school. If you’ve verified you are eligible to pay Project Exploration directly, follow the below instructions for making a payment online. *Please note, payments made on our website are not able to be used as a tax credit. 

Step-By-Step Instructions: 

  1. Visit our website:
  2. Hover over Resources in the navigation bar and select “Payments” 
  3. Enter the following information (provided above): 
    1. Your Name
    2. Student’s Name 
    3. Your email address (needed to send you a receipt of your payment)
    4. School Name
    5. Teacher Name
    6. Grade Level
    7. Field Trip
    8. Trip ID Number *5 digit code 
    9. Select who the payment is for (student, chaperone, both student & chaperone)
    10. Credit Card Information
    11. Name on the Credit Card
    12. Payment Amount (deposit or full payment)
  4. Click submit **Please note there is a processing fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction
  5. Check your email for a confirmation of your payment

Download our packing list from the downloadable resources below for a comprehensive packing list for your day trip or overnight field trip. Be sure to check the weather for the day and location(s) you will be visiting during your field trip. For traveling, loose fitting, casual clothes with good walking shoes is highly recommended. Bringing a reusable water bottle is strongly encouraged since water will not be provided.

Please check with your child’s school as they decide whether electronics are permitted or not, however, it is strongly recommended that electronics are not brought on the field trip. Project Exploration will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged electronic equipment. Sand, salt water, and bus travel is hard on delicate electronic equipment. Binoculars are not necessary and disposable cameras are suggested. It is a good idea to label the camera with name and a phone number. Headsets are required for any sound appliance.

In order to limit our plastic waste, we do not provide water bottles. However, in case someone does forget to bring their reusable water bottle, we do send one case of mini water bottles on each bus. 

Yes! Trail mix (unless your trip is nut free), pretzels, dried fruit, and granola bars are examples of good snacks to bring on your field trip. Gum, soda, sunflower seeds, and ice cream are not permitted on the buses. 

Primarily, we use American Explorer Motorcoach for charter bus transportation. However, during busy travel days, we do use other reputable bus companies in the valley. 

Most of the buses are equipped with seat belts. However, as seat belts are not required for motor coach transportation, not every bus is equipped with seat belts. If you require seat belts on your field trip, please let us know well in advance so we can ensure our bus partners assign a bus with seat belts to your trip. 

Yes, all buses are equipped with outlets for charging electronics. However, for field trips that include theme park visits, we recommend bringing a portable charger to ensure your phone doesn’t die while at the theme park. 

Yes, Project Exploration staff are required to obtain a Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card, same requirement as a teacher. 

No, Project Exploration instructors cannot administer any first aid and are not first aid/CPR certified. All Project Exploration instructors carry a basic first aid kit with them. It incudes, Band-Aids, Neosporin, gloves, disinfecting wipes, etc. It does not include medication like Tylenol or Dramamine as they are not permitted to provide medication to any trip participant. Project Exploration instructors are trained to call 911 and inform the venue should any issue arise. 

Project Exploration is not responsible for administering, providing, or storing any medication. Medication is managed by each school so please check with your child’s school on medication administration policies. 

Project Exploration is not responsible for any medical treatment, diagnosis, or administration of medication of students or chaperones during the field trip and defers to school/district policy. Should a student fall ill or be injured during a field trip, our instructors will recommend they call their parent and/or guardian and depending on the length of the trip and severity of the illness or injury, ask the parent to pick their student up early from the field trip.  Should it be necessary, our instructors will do their best to separate the sick student from the rest of the group to avoid spreading any illnesses. Depending on the venues being visited during your field trip, there may be a first aid/medical area that can assist with sick or injured students.  

We defer to school/district policies on discipline so our instructors will not discipline any students on the field trip. All discipline will be up to the teachers/school.

All hotel rooms, regardless of hotel, have two queen beds per room. Student rooms will be booked with 4 per room and adult rooms booked with 2 per room. Private room requests may be changed to a king bed depending on hotel availability. Some of our hotel partners have suites available with two queen beds and a pullout bed, and can be requested for groups that would like a room of 5 students. 

We strongly discourage students from rooming with their parents unless there is a medical/other need. Staying in a room with their peers is a right of passage for students on our field trips, and one where they learn responsibility, time management, and so much more!

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