Oceanography Research Adventure

Average trip length: 48-60 hours

Travel to Newport Beach where students will visit a marine protected area. In groups, students will participate in ongoing research in four ecosystems: beach, kelp forests, estuaries, and pelagic. Students will learn about animals, adaptations, and conservation relating to each environment. During this 1.5 day program, students will partake in a 3 hour boat cruise that incorporates a plankton tow, sending GoPro cameras into the kelp forest to study fish biodiversity, and sampling water quality all in a Marine Protected Area to learn more about the health of the ecosystem. 

Add-on options for this trip include kayaking in the bay at Long Beach where students will get the opportunity to touch a moon jelly. You can also opt to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach or visiting the California Science Center. 

*Max of 80 students due to vendor capacity limits. 

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