Oceanography Adventure

Average trip length: 48-60 hours

Take your students on an unforgettable oceanic experience to San Diego! Get an early start and enjoy a bonfire dinner on the beach before a restful night at the hotel or drive overnight and begin your field trip with a sunrise floating boat lab. Aboard a large fishing vessel, students will use an otter trawl net to pick-up slow-moving animals from the ocean floor. An on-board marine biologist will then sort through our findings and teach students about the awesome creatures found in the net. Weather permitting, we will venture outside the harbor in search of dolphins and migrating whales. Students will look under the microscope to learn about the many species of plankton found in just one drop of ocean water.

At SeaWorld students will view exhibits, watch educational programs, and learn how incredible and fragile ocean life is and what they can do to help conservation efforts. Choose between a variety of dinner options before heading to the hotel for a good night sleep.

Customize your oceanography experience by choosing the aquarium your students will visit on your final day in San Diego. You can also opt to add in a beach cleanup activity or kayaking!

  • Birch Aquarium at Scripps (Oceans I): Located in La Jolla, this aquarium has a variety of exhibits your students will love. Chat with the divers as they teach you about the kelp tank or visit the outdoor touch pools to learn about the unique tidepool environment. For those traveling during the week, you can add a mackerel fish dissection to your visit (subject to availability).


  • Aquarium of the Pacific (Oceans II): Located in Long Beach, this massive aquarium will keep your students engaged for hours. Head outside to watch the sea lion presentation or even touch a moon jelly! Sharks, rays, penguins, fish, and otter exhibits educate your students on a variety of ocean species.


  • Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (Oceans III): Located in San Pedro, Cabrillo staff will take your students on a guided tour of the aquarium. Students will tour the aquatic nursery, salt march, exhibit hall, and classroom where they will view live animals through telescopes. Please note this option is not suitable for large groups of 80 or more.

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