Grand Canyon & Colorado River Adventure

Average trip length: 45 hours

Explore the best of the Grand Canyon as you take in the impressive views at Bright Angel Lodge and float the calm waters of the Colorado River. We will begin our trip visiting one of the 7 natural wonders to learn how this massive canyon was formed. Arriving at Bright Angel Lodge, we will stop briefly to view the Hopi House and El Tovar as we begin our journey down the Trail of Time. Along this paved trail are rock samples portraying each layer of the canyon from 6 billion years ago to present day. With each meter, we travel one million years in time!

Hop on the motor coach as we drive up to Page for a pizza dinner before spending a restful night in a Page hotel. Board the boat at Glen Canyon Dam and float the calm waters of the infamous Colorado River. Ending at Lee’s Ferry Boat Ramp, you will float the unique curves of Horseshoe Bend, briefly stop to view petroglyphs carved into the canyon walls and learn the importance of the Colorado River to the American southwest. Indulge in a Subway lunch at Lee’s Ferry before heading to your next venue.

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