Animal Kingdom Adventure

Average trip length: 48-60 hours

Mixing oceanography with land animals, this trip is perfect for those looking to study the full animal kingdom, ecosystems, and the adaptations of animals that live in those different environments. At the San Diego Zoo, we will start the day with a double decker bus ride to get a guided tour of one of the best-kept zoos in the world. Students will explore the zoo in chaperone groups to view the exhibits, educational presentations, and ride in the Skyfari tram.

Switching gears to focus on marine life, students will board a large fishing vessel for a floating boat lab. Students will work together to toss otter trawl net into the ocean to pick-up slow-moving animals from the ocean floor. An on-board marine biologist will then sort through our findings and teach students about the awesome creatures found in the net. Weather permitting, we will venture outside the harbor in search of dolphins and migrating whales. Students will look under the microscope to learn about the many species of plankton found in just one drop of ocean water.

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