Career Builder Adventure

*Average trip length: 48 - 60 Hours

Join us for a unique career builder experience as we tour one of southern California’s esteemed college campuses and learn about a variety of career opportunities. In addition to your college campus tour, we will visit either Disneyland or Universal Studios for more career education and fun. Disney’s Youth Programs offer a variety of educational workshops focused on marketing, culinary arts, physics, music and performance, leadership and more! At Universal Studios, students will learn about the many careers available in the film making business. After a fun day at the theme park, you will enjoy a restful night at a LA area hotel.

The next morning, you will visit one of LA’s Holocaust museums, the Museum of Tolerance or the LA Museum of the Holocaust. At the Museum of Tolerance, your students will tour two areas of the museum. The Holocaust exhibit walks students through the historical events of Nazi-dominated Europe. Participants receive a passport introducing them to a child whose life was dramatically changed by the Holocaust. Find out at the end of the tour how history impacted the life of your child.

 Next, tour the Tolerance center and gain and understanding of how intolerance is still a major part of our lives today. At the LA Museum of the Holocaust, your students will embark on a guided tour of the museum. Viewing artifacts and pictures, reading letters, and listening to stories of life in a Nazi concentration camp, this tour showcases life before, during and after the Holocaust. At the end of your tour, you will have an incredible opportunity to listen to a Holocaust survivor speak. Survivors speak directly to the students about their life and experiences. Some speak about life leading up to the Holocaust, while others speak to life at the end of World War II.

Students will also have a few minutes to ask questions after hearing their story. After your Holocaust tour, we will have lunch before settling back on the motor coach. We will make a quick dinner stop in Blythe on our safe drive back to school.

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