Sea Quest

Average trip length: 24 hours

Relax on the motor coach as we drive overnight arriving in San Diego just before sunrise. Upon arrival we will board a large fishing vessel for a floating lab experience in the San Diego harbor. Students will use an otter trawl net to pick-up slow-moving animals from the ocean floor. An on-board marine biologist will then sort through our findings and teach students about the awesome creatures found in the net. Weather permitting, we will venture outside the harbor in search of dolphins and migrating whales. Students will look under the microscope to learn about the many species of plankton found in just one drop of ocean water. We will also make a quick stop to view some California sea lions resting on floating docks before heading back to the marina.

Next, we head to Mission Beach where we will enjoy juice and breakfast burritos. At Sea World, students will view exhibits, watch educational programs, and learn how incredible and fragile ocean life is and what they can do to help conservation efforts. In late afternoon we will board the motor coach for a safe ride home, stopping in Yuma for a fast food dinner.


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